Warning: You may find this blog to be a major disappointment. There will be many poorly staged photos of food that, at times, may not even resemble food. I will not show you pictures of my perfect, well-decorated home because that doesn’t exist. I cannot provide you with parenting tips that are guaranteed to work because, spoiler alert, what works at my house might not work for you.

This blog is an open letter to you, friend. Yeah, I know we don’t know each other yet, but I can already tell I like you lots. I have not aced all aspects of life and I’m not going to create some bullshit blog that makes you think that. This is a blog about real life. Also, I try not to swear around my two-year-old, so this is where I get all the swear words out.

I am a milspouse, a mom, a librarian, a remote worker, and a content creator/writer. I like eating, cooking, gardening, and nice people. I hate bananas. Yes, even banana bread.




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