Time management tools (and apps!) for the TPAD afflicted…

I got me a serious case of TPAD. TPAD stands for Time Passage Awareness Disorder. It's a made-up term for a very real thing. I take no credit for the naming of TPAD. Dana K. White, the brilliant and funny lady behind the blog A Slob Comes Clean named TPAD.  Naming TPAD is like naming gravity. Everyone... Continue Reading →


In praise of lazy parenting days…

Most days I'm that mom with the schedule. The one who is timing how much television my kid watches so it doesn't exceed two hours. We eat healthy meals and we play outside. We read books, we play with toys. We go to daycare or the pool or the library...we're busy, engaged, blah blah blah.... Continue Reading →

Potty Training Impatience

Are you a relaxed parent? I am. I'd like to say I'm this way because I'm so awesome, but no. I'm this way because I have a child with a stubborn streak like a grumpy attorney. Push him too hard and he digs in...he knows I'm trying to manipulate him and no freaking way, is that... Continue Reading →

So long, staph infections…

File this under "things I never thought I'd share on the internet". I'm going to tell you how my family and I managed to get never-ending staph infections under control. It wasn't easy, but it's possible, and it's so nice to not have painful skin infections. Before I share, let me say the following: I'm... Continue Reading →

Easy Ground Beef Mushroom Stroganoff

Is ground beef mushroom stroganoff a thing? I've heard of beef stroganoff, but never ground beef mushroom stroganoff. Oh well, I'm going with it because it was delicious and there were no leftovers because my family devoured this recipe. I've been craving rich, creamy pasta dishes lately. There's something about cooler temperatures and comfort foods... Continue Reading →

Visiting a Civil War Reenactment

I grew up in Michigan. It's not a place that has a lot of Civil War re-enactments going on. If you want a French and Indian War re-enactment, we're good for that. But growing up, the Civil War was a time that lived in history books and on preserved battle fields far, far from where I... Continue Reading →

I <3 Lidl

Lidl is a German grocery store chain that recently started opening stores in the U.S. Specifically, they're starting in North Carolina and Virginia and there's one not far from my house. Before I tell you more, I'm going to let you know that I love grocery stores. Growing up my extended family owned and operated... Continue Reading →

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