You can always find the mothers…

I recently had the joy of dealing with a nuclear-level toddler melt down in the middle of a fairly nice restaurant. And by nice restaurant I mean they had cloth napkins and a hipster bartender. In defense of the Little Dude, we sort of set him up for the perfect storm. We had been on... Continue Reading →


Visiting a Civil War Reenactment

I grew up in Michigan. It's not a place that has a lot of Civil War re-enactments going on. If you want a French and Indian War re-enactment, we're good for that.┬áBut growing up, the Civil War was a time that lived in history books and on preserved battle fields far, far from where I... Continue Reading →

I <3 Lidl

Lidl is a German grocery store chain that recently started opening stores in the U.S. Specifically, they're starting in North Carolina and Virginia and there's one not far from my house. Before I tell you more, I'm going to let you know that I love grocery stores. Growing up my extended family owned and operated... Continue Reading →

Goalpaper: You’re plenty sweet!

What do you put on your smartphone lock screen? Pictures of your kids? Cool scenery? Cute designs? I put my goals on my lock screen, because I'm constantly looking at the damn thing, so I may as well make good use of it. Whenever I make my goalpapers (goals + wallpaper = goalpaper! wahoo!) I try to... Continue Reading →

When you need a win…

I've been talking to people lately about those times when you just need a win. Well, not people. Me, I've been talking to myself, a lot, about this topic. You deserve a mothafuckin' WIN. You know the feeling. Those days, weeks, months, where nothing happens for long, long stretches of time. I think it's a... Continue Reading →

Support your local farmers. Be lazy.

In almost every place we've ever lived, I've signed us up for the local CSA or, Community Supported Agriculture, cooperative. Here in North Carolina, we belong to the Sandhills Farm to Table Cooperative. A CSA allows participants to pay a weekly, monthly, or seasonal fee to become a shareholder, of sorts, at a farm, or... Continue Reading →

How to get started in remote work

One of the hardest parts of military spouse life can be losing your job every damn time you move. Now, some spouses have federal jobs that are easily transferable from station to station. Those people are a wonder to me and I envy them a bit. I never had such luck, or, when I did... Continue Reading →

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